• Question: What's you favourite job that involves science?

    Asked by caseeeyxox to Michelle, Jennie, Emmanuel, Chris, Alberto on 21 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Michelle Taylor

      Michelle Taylor answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      My favourite job involving science is often telling other people about it! I like to go to Science fairs with hands on experiments and chat about all the amazing science facts that I know.

    • Photo: Emmanuel Amabebe

      Emmanuel Amabebe answered on 22 Jun 2013:

      My favorite job that involve science is teaching students about medicine. I am passionate about this.

    • Photo: Chris Whittle

      Chris Whittle answered on 23 Jun 2013:

      I enjoy teaching as well. I do some demonstrating and teaching at the museum near here, as they have a lab in the museum. I also love going to present my work at conferences and getting other people’s views on it.

    • Photo: Alberto Lapedriza

      Alberto Lapedriza answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      My favourite job is discussing about science with other people: scientists and non-scientists. Discussing about my research with other scientists is really helpful because I can learn other ways of doing my experiments, advice and tips. On the other hand, I feel really inspired when I talk about my research with non-scientists, because I can feel the interest of my research, and the impact it has in the society.