Thank you from your winner Chris

chriswhittle-wI just wanted to say a massive thank-you to everyone who voted for me in the two weeks of the event, and also to the other scientists in the reproduction zone too, as they were just as deserving of the prize as I was. I’m very surprised to have won, particularly because everyone seemed to be rooting for other members of my zone, but I suppose you can never really tell with these things!

There were some excellent questions presented to me during the two weeks of the contest and many of them were probably not of the standard I would have been able to construct at the age of some of the questioners! This makes me incredibly positive about the next generation of scientists, and the young people in this competition. I was very impressed with the standard of questions, so you all should be giving yourselves a pat on the back!

I must also say that the enthusiasm I saw in the chat rooms was also incredibly positive, so it does make me feel as scientists we have to nurture this and make sure the enthusiasm isn’t stifled. I want to make awareness of pregnancy and maternal research much more public and this is why I am looking forward to making the short film about our work public for both the patients and students alike.

We are a part of research that is often overlooked, but we are so, so important for caring for the next generation and making sure that they have the best start in life. We know that some types of pregnancy are linked to disease in adulthood, and we are just starting to scratch the surface. More funding is obviously important, but what is equally important is the drive of some of the young people I had the pleasure of speaking to in order to bring our work forward. I will make sure a link is posted to the video we make and I hope that you will watch it.

Many thanks to everyone at IAS and the students,


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