• Question: How confiedent do you feel that you are going to win

    Asked by hgibbo1 to Alberto, Chris, Emmanuel on 27 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Chris Whittle

      Chris Whittle answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      I’m very pleased to have got this far!

      To be honest, I never entered this to win, and if I do that would be great. But if I don’t that’s okay as well.

      I really thought Michelle would win but she was knocked out yesterday! It’s good to be in the final. 🙂

    • Photo: Alberto Lapedriza

      Alberto Lapedriza answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      I’ve really enjoyed participating in the event, and I’m really happy and excited to have got to the final! Whatever happens tomorrow will be a good result.

      Chris and Emmanuel are really good, so you guys will have a tough decision to make.

    • Photo: Emmanuel Amabebe

      Emmanuel Amabebe answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      I am so delighted to have this great privilege of shearing my thoughts with you kids, you guys have really reminded me of my childhood days. You all have been wonderful. Thanks for bringing me this far. Winning for me will be victory for you kids and science. No matter the outcome tomorrow, I have really learnt a lot from you.Cheers.